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MSD 250w/2

Stage and Studio Theatre

MSD 250w/2

The MSD 250W/2 Philips and 4ArXS HSD 250W/80 Osram is a 250w discharge lamp used in the Stage and Studio market in fixtures from brands such as Martin, Futurelight, Genius, Griven, F.A.L., MAD, JB Lighting, High End Systems, Coemar, Coef, SGM, DTS, ETC and AC Lighting. The MSD 250/2 is rated at 250 watt, has a GY9.5 base, is available in colour temperature 8000k, 8500k and 9000 kelvin and is perfect for small to medium sized lighting fixtures used in Theatre, Studios, Set's and Rock'n'Roll applications. The average life of the MSD250/2 is between 2000 and 3000 hours. The CSD/250/2/SE GE and BA 250/2 SE D 8.5 Sylvania has been made obsolete. MGC can advise on alternative options. CONTACT MGC

The manufacturers codes for the MSD 250/2 for Philips is 228066 or 928099005115, for Osram is 4008321625786 or 4050300808635 and for Sylvania was 0023998.

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CSD/250/2/SE GE | The CSD 250w 2 SE has been phased out. Contact MGC for options. GY9.5 9000k 2000hrs 27817
4ArXS HSD 250W/80 Osram | 4ArXS HSD 250w 80 GY9.5 8000k 3000hrs 4050300808635 4008321625786
MSD 250/2 30H Philips | MSD 250w /2 GY9.5 8500k 3000hrs 228066 928099005114 928099005115
BA 250/2 SE D 8.5 Sylvania | BA 250w 2 SE D GY9.5 8500k 3000hrs 0023998 This product is no longer available. Contact us for alternatives.

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