While you are on the front line – MGC are still here to support you

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed every walk of life in the UK and across the globe.

As a country, and although it may not feel like it to many, the UK is in an enviable position to deal with the outbreak, we have the selfless staff of the NHS to help combat the crisis.

Hundreds, if not thousands of stories are emerging of beleaguered NHS staff going above and beyond to help to deal with a tidal wave of emergencies this country has not had to witness for decades.

We at MGC realise it’s not just the front line staff that are stepping up. Every single person within the NHS family is clearly doing their bit to ensure every facet of the operation works at full capacity.

Many people and companies feel helpless at a time like this. And of course many companies have had to temporarily cease trading through the crisis.

But as a long standing supplier to the NHS, MGC are still here to help.

MGC can still supply batteries, lamps and lighting, fibre optic cables and other medical consumables your trust may still require.

Unlike some other companies, MGC has NOT increased pricing on any of our product ranges, and through this crisis we are offering free delivery to any NHS facility- for goods of any value.

While you remain on the front line- we will try our utmost to support you.

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